What is Inflo

Inflo as a project was initiated in 2018 in collaboration with the System and Media Lab (link) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since then it has expanded into a corporate entity (registered in May 2018 as a private limited company in Hong Kong). While it is intended to be a profitable startup company, we hold values that make it more than just a business, but also a force for social awareness. Being that we are 100% bootstrapped and self-funded, we have no stakeholders using it solely as a "vehicle for profit". We intend to maintain slow and sustained growth as opposed to Silicon Valley style VC funded startups, which tend to fail more often than not, as VC's only expect success in 1/10th of their portfolio investments to make their desired return.

Who we are

The Inflo Project is made up of a group researchers with an extensive range of experience in the fields of social networks, data science, and engineering.

Nick Sukiennik



Contact Us

Email us at support@infloproject.com to contact a member of our team.