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The Inflo Project is an initiative to revise the way information is accessed and shared on the web, through a new social platform meant to empower people to be in control of the content they see, and to reinstate the integrity of published information by rewarding quality over virality, all based on the values of trust, transparency, and community.

Introducing the "Unfeed"

For the first time in history, we will be making it possible to filter a social media feed according to one's individual interests. Through our automatic content classification system, we'll allow users to curate their own intake of information from within their network. No longer do you have to scroll through a endless wall of posts before you find relevant content. Because we believe that a content sharing platform should be meant to nourish its users with relevant and insightful information, not feed content based on algorithms optimizely purely for maximum engagement.


Social Content Aggregation System

Making use of the most recent machine learning advances, open source libraries, and virtual tons of data, we are taking on the unprecedented task of automatically classifying any piece of content on the web, so that, once posted to the Inflo platform, it can be easily filtered, in or out, of one's "unfeed".

Holistic Reliability Assessment

The obvious next step is to analyze content at a deeper level, and to assess its reliability by detecting bias, clickbait, and misinformation. Our efforts toward this goal are well underway, having recently initiated efforts to develop upon this research area after spending more than one year consolidating all relevant literature and significant results in the field, all of which will take the form of the first ever qualitative labeling of content trust in a social platform.



We are taking accountabilty for our role as a facilitator of the flow of information and an enabler of public dialogue. We know this is a big responsibility, and as such, we're committed to making sure our users' data will never be exploited for ad-targeting. That's why we've made the decision not to host any sponsored content on our platform, ever.


In an age of black-box algorithms generating toxic bias-confirming content feeds, we are paving the way for a new, user-oriented way of accessing information, where only you are in control of what you see. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of and access to relevant information, not to maximize engagement for the sake of piling up ill-gained revenues.


Our content sharing platform is designed to be a conducive environment for constructive dialogue. We are creating an ecosystem that nurtures the exchange of ideas and rewards those who bring something new to the conversation, capitalizing on the unique knowledge and perspective of each individual. Because we believe in the power of discussion, and not shallow "likes" or vague "reactions".


The Inflo Project team is made up of researchers with an extensive range of experience in the fields of social networks, data science, and engineering.

Nick Sukiennik

Project Lead


NLP Engineer